New Beginnings

Bryan May Architecture was recently established in late 2018. The first few months have been nothing short of incredible. With a handful of exciting projects on the boards, time is already flying by. We’re spending our time on a variety of project types. A ground-up single family home is in the works and preparing for permit submittal. A few light commercial projects are in various stages of development, and one is only days away from completion. Before we know it, we look forward to beginning some design work for a wonderful HOA in Aspen’s East End.

As these first several projects gain traction, we continue to mold our philosophy. If you would like to know what sets Bryan May Architecture apart, here are just a few thoughts.

We don’t need an elaborate mission statement or a long list of core values; we inherently embody our beliefs in not only what we produce but how.

At a fundamental level, we strongly believe the process must be enjoyable, rewarding, and highly transparent for all stakeholders: clients, designers, engineers, builders, subcontractors, reviewers, planners, neighbors, and others. If we’re not creating a “win-win” result for every last person at the table, we change course.

Stop focusing on “work-life balance” and enjoy both as much as possible. Emphasizing a strong division between work and life misses the point entirely. If you want to cultivate a culture of creativity and innovation, you must look for inspiration everywhere, especially outside the studio. Work and life are more of a continuum. Work hard, but get away from the computer, go for a hike, walk around town, take a few gondola laps, and travel to places far and wide. Always keep your mind and eyes open. Pulling from and making connections between these seemingly disparate experiences is what lies at the heart of creativity.

Interested in learning more? Do you want to share some advice that will make us better people and professionals? Please don’t hesitate. Call or email us anytime. Our minds and eyes are always open as we reach into 2019, a year of new beginnings.

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